Posted on April o2 th. 2020

Questionnaire by Officer Nice on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Hello, here Rico, aka Officer Nice from the Metal To Infinity webzine. I have some questions for you, hope you’ll enough them.

Officer Nice: The Curse Of Millhaven… First question is obviously. What is the band name standing for?

TCOM: It is a song from Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads album where a young girl Loretta, but she prefers Lotty, terrorises a small town called Millhaven. The contrast of the joyfull tunes with the murderous, psychopathic lyrics fits perfectly well with our band.


Officer Nice: Can you introduce us to the band, the history and its members?

TCOM: *THE BEGINNING • 2012-2014

2012 was the year THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN was formed in the trenches around Ypres (Belgium).

THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN played its first ever gig, by joining ABORTED on the Belgian date of the ‘GOREMAGEDDON – 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY’-tour.


Early 2014 the band entered CCR STUDIO in Zulte (BE) to record a total of 10 songs, containing different stories about the 9 layers of hell by Dante Alighieri. The full length was mixed and mastered by Kris Belaen at CCR studios as well. In July 2014, a videoclip was released for the song SIMONY.

A bunch of shows and festivals were played for the release of ‘Vestibule of Hell’, containing the sold out CD-Release show, Ieperfest 2014, support for Vital Remains and Evil or Die fest 2016.

*PLAGUES • 2017

Early 2017, THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN entered HEARSE STUDIO in Heule (BE), to start recording ‘Plagues’. Mastering was done by Wojtek Wieslawski at HERTZ STUDIO in Poland. During the promotion of this new EP new videoclips were released for the songs ’BLACK DEATH’ and the title track ‘PLAGUES’.

“Plagues” was the culmination of everything the Ypres quintet have worked towards since their inception, pushing every aspect of their sound to the next level.


Nearly two years later the band completed the writing and recording process of 8 brand new songs. This new album, entitled ‘THRESHOLDS’ contains a much darker and more aggressive sound, ready to reach a new audience and bring THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN to another level.

Line-up: *Guitars: Jeroen Debruyne   *Guitars: Kurt Mylle   *Bass: Bram Dewilde   *Vocals: Jasper Lobelle  *Drums: Bart Rambour

Officer Nice: You have just released he album “Thresholds”. What can you tell us about this album and how were the reviews so far?

TCOM: Reviews have been very positive so far, there’s a wide range of appreciation.

It’s the most ‘Millhaven’ soundin’ record for us so far, nicely balanced, but still straight forward deathmetal. We took our time to work out all aspects we could put in this record.


Officer Nice: Did you read our review. Like or dislike, agrees or disagrees?

TCOM: Overall honest review, agree on most parts 😉


Officer Nice: What can you tell the listener The Curse Of Millhaven is, musical wise, all about…

TCOM: Fast blast beats, melodic hooks that catch your attention, and a bunch of nice singalongs


Officer Nice: When are we talking about a good song in case of The Curse Of Millhaven?

TCOM: When the song has a well-balanced structure or simply draws your attention.


Officer Nice: This band is from Belgium, which is not the biggest country in the Metal scène. What’s your place in that scène and what’s the goal for the future?

TCOM: We really enjoy being in the Belgian metal scene, there is a lot of potential in it! The scene is alive and there are nice festivals and bigger shows on a regular base. We’re a very hard-working band and we see that this results in more chances to support the best possible bands around and play the nicest festivals!


Officer Nice: Can we talk about a true live band here? Can we expect you to appear on special places in the near future?

TCOM: We live to play live! The energy we give and receive is so addictive! 2020 would be the year of MILLHAVEN. We planned to play some of the biggest and nicest venues with our friends in Fleddy Melculy, but these shows have been postponed to later this year due to obvious reasons. Also this summer we are booked to play some Belgian festivals as well and later this summer we have planned to hit the road for a 10-day tour in Eastern Europe. Due to Covid-19 all of these items will be a shot in the dark. Will we be possible to play the festivals? Will we be able to tour? Nobody knows and everyone is affected by this tragedy. We really hope everything will be allright very very soon and we can make the best out of the festival summer. STAY INSIDE PEEPS!

Officer Nice: Well, it is the end of the year so let’s play the game to name some albums you really liked in 2019.

TCOM: Maybe skip this question due to the timing? 😉


Officer Nice: Is this album only available on CD? Where can our readers purchase it anyway?

TCOM: Our latest album Thresholds is available through the band, our label Dust & Bones and in Australia through 10-54. Also available on most streaming platforms worldwide. We also have a new batch of summer merch that is for sale on our bandcamp page, so support us at !


Officer Nice: Any last words for the readers?

TCOM: Of course! Thanks a lot for all your support throughout the years. Our fans are our motivation and we’re more motivated than ever before! Let’s beat these crazy times real soon and let’s make sure we can still have very good times this summer!

Stay safe and brutal!