SEVENTH CALLING – A talk with STEVE HANDEL (Lead & Rhythm Guitar)

Posted on June 19th. 2017

Questionnaire by Jason Houston on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Steve Handel

Jason: Thanks for taking the time out of your very, busy schedule to speak with us here at Metal To Infinity Steve, we really appreciate you doing this interview for our site. You and your band are from South Dakota so I’d like to ask you is there much of a Rock Scene/or Metal scene there these days?

Steve: “Yes there is a fairly good rock and metal scene here.  After being in several different locations with the group before coming back to Sioux Falls, SD I was surprised at the amount of clubs that are here.”


Jason: What year was your band Seventh Calling formed Steve and how did you hook up with the other members of the band and come to form the band?

Steve: “Officially the group started when we put together the material for our debut album MONUMENTS in 2006 when the group was located in Minneapolis, MN.  As far as real members of the band, at that time there were none.  Just myself and another guitarist, Lance Lange. We had recruited a drummer to record with us, and I did the bass tracks as well.  So as the band has progressed over the years I have used different lineups for different releases. But the idea of Seventh Calling music was to create a new or updated style of classic inspired heavy metal.”


Chad Pliska

Jason: You of course are the Lead Singer/Guitarist is Seventh Calling Steve but I’d like to ask you were you always a Singer or like many of your fellow Musicians on the scene today did you start out playing Guitar first and then become a Lead Singer out of necessity, you know because you couldn’t find anyone to sing the songs you write the way you do?

Steve: “Honestly, yes I did the vocals out of necessity and then afterwords it just had become normal to sing.  But the real reason to finally decide to get serious about it, was all of the unbelievable arrogant attitudes out of people that just sing lead vocals it was ridiculous.  It really came down to telling them all to quit crying about ‘I can’t use this microphone’ or ‘My throat just is not feeling it tonight’ or my personal favorite ‘The spirits are just wrong in the room tonight for me to sing’.    Ok so that is why I decided to sing for the band myself.  No problems or attitudes. You really have to match in personality in order for a group to get along with one another.”


Jason: Can you share with us the story of how you came to name the band Seventh Calling?

Steve: “Sure, not really that much to it.  It was like throwing names into a hat.   We had a few names that were possible but ultimately at the end of the day it was Seventh Calling that seemed to make sense and sounded like heavy metal.”


Jason: What is currently going on with the band? Cam Seventh Calling fans out there expect any new music from the band in the near future?

Steve: “Now the band is currently doing some live performing along with writing material for our next release to follow up Battle Call, which is our current CD.”


Mike ‘Bass Walker’ Walters

Jason: In regards to writing songs for Seventh Calling I have to ask you do you write the bulk of the songs being that you’re the Lead Singer or does everyone in the band get the opportunity to contribute to the song writing process?

Steve:“I usually come up with the main riff ideas and then we put it together and see what works for everyone and what does not quite fit in.  Lyrically I do handle most of that part.”


Jason: How important of a tool has the internet been to you in helping you to promote the band?

Steve: “If you can utilize the media in the right ways it works out great as a tool.  But you really have to have the time to be able to put into it for the net to seriously work in my opinion.”


Jason: While I realize that they’re two different worlds I have to ask Steve if given the choice would you rather be on stage performing live or be in the recording studio?

Steve: “I myself would much rather play live in my opinion.”


Jason: How important is it to you to inner act with your fans? I mean you must have fans who E-mail you, come up and say hi after the band has finished performing and come off stage.  How important is it to you to have that kind of contact with your fan base?

Steve: “It is very important to us.  We like to speak to people and simply hang out, not just be on the stage and hurry and take off after our last note like alot of groups we see.”


Jason: When you think back on all the years the band has been together do you have a special memory or think back on a special experience that you had the opportunity to be part of that you would not have experienced had you not been the lead Singer for Seventh Calling?

Steve: “Not really anything specific.  I would say that my experiences would be the same just being a member of the group in general.”


Jason: I read on the band’s official FACEBOOK page that one of your influences is Metal Church. With that being said I have to ask you how excited were you when Mike Howe returned to Metal Church last year?  Have you had the opportunity to hear the new Metal Church CD?

Steve: “I personally was very excited to hear about his return. I knew that the songs would be good. And yes I have the studio CD, Classics Live CD, and I also saw them perform in Des Moines, IA for this tour.  Very excellent!”


Jason: While I know a lot of your time is spent playing live and promoting your band I have to ask if you get the opportunity go out and see other bands play live?  Is there a CD in your Collection that has really Rocked Your World that you’ve been playing a lot that you’d like to tell us about?

Steve: “I do get out to see quite a few groups as I really enjoy going to live concerts.  As far as what I have been listening to lately. The latest Grim Reaper CD is awesome!  I have really been playing that one alot.  Also Saxon’s Battering Ram.  Great CD’s!”


Jason: Many bands these days have made the decision to just live off of the catalog of music they have already released and decided not to record any new music because they feel the fans won’t by new CDs like they once did. With that being said I have to say that I applaud you and your band: Seventh Calling for continuing to release new music.  With CDS not selling like they once did I have to ask you what motivates you to continue to release new music rather than follow the trend that so many other bands have decided to follow in recent years?

Steve: “Reason is, there are many people out there that would prefer to have the entire package.  Artwork, inside sleeve, pics, lyrics, and on and on.  Information about the recording of the disc.  Now, when we think of the business, alot of bands complain about not selling albums anymore, BUT are those bands actually writing good material these days?  Answer most of the time is no. I can name quite a few groups that are like this nowadays.  However again, look at the resurrgence of The Church! Good music makes a ton of difference!”


Jason: I have to ask you how do you feel about people downloading music, you know where they can either download just one song or an entire album VS. a standard CD or even Vinyl where you get the whole package meaning all the songs, art work, atc?

Steve: “I myself would much rather have the physical copy.  I know alot of people only care about what they hear on the radio. Therefore, they only download what they know.  There used to be a day when you bought an entire release and listened to the whole thing!  And guess what, most of the time the best songs are not the ones that are for radio release.  People miss out so much on great music today because they don’t do anything but what mass media tells them.”


Jason: Anything left that you’d like to say to all the Seventh Calling fans out there Steve?

Steve: “I would like to say thank you for all your continued support of SC.  We will continue to bring our style of heavy metal to the table.  A few things have changed now for the group so please find us  Also you can find all of the official SC merchandise including CDs, patches, shirts and more   PLUS! Just for finding our release Battle Call you can also find us at Amazon mp3, Itunes, Apple music, IheartRadio, Youtube mp3, Cd Baby and many more!!  KEEP THE HEAVY METAL FAITH ALIVE!