Posted on June 20th. 2017

Questionnaire by Officer Nice on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Officer Nice: Hello guys, How are you doing? This is Rico, aka Officer Nice from Metal To Infinity webzine. I have some questions for you, hope you’ll enjoy them…

Henrik: Hi Rico, we’re just fine thank you!


Officer Nice: Prime Creation is your band and you just delivered your debut album. Please, introduce us to the band and its members.

Henrik: We are 5 guys in the band:
*Esa Englund – Vocals
*Robin Arnell – Lead guitar
*Rami Tainamo – Rhythm guitar
*Henrik Weimedal – Bass guitar
*Kim Arnell – Drums

Robin, Kim, me and former rhythm guitarist Mathias Kamijo started the band in 2015 after putting our former band, Morifade to sleep. We felt that we wanted to do something new and start fresh. Esa joined the band short after and a year and a half after, Mathias quit the band for personal reasons. It took some auditions and then we found Rami.


Officer Nice: Can you explain our readers what Prime Creation is standing for? What were the sources of inspiration?

Henrik: We had a very hard time finding a band name that we were satisfied with and that no one else had (which is near impossible to achieve) but we finally came up with Prime Creation and the name means that we are the ultimate band of course… 😉 no but when we came up with the name the thoughts were that the human race is the primary species of all living things.


Officer Nice: The front cover… What do we see? I have tried to see anything…. Tell us more about it.

Henrik: The thing on the cover has to do with the band name as well, what you see there could be the prime creation made by mankind, of course no one knows what it is, just a lot of details. The theme of the whole album, at least visually is the turn of the century so it’s Steampunk and  made by Loewenart, a very talented artist.


Officer Nice: What can you tell us about the song writing? When are we talking about a good song, good enough to earn a place on the album? What song is the best track to convince the readers anyway?

Henrik: Robin wrote all music on the album and I can’t really give a good detailed answer to how a song earns it’s place on an album, it’s just eight punshing metal songs, what’s most important is that we all felt that this is a really good metal album. We all have our personal favorites on the album but War Is Coming and 27 is two songs that everyone should take a listen to.


Officer Nice: You guys are heading from out of Sweden. After all those years they are still new bands coming from out of there… Is Metal in the veins of the Swedish people? What’s the place of Prime Creation in the Swedish Metal scène and what’s the goal?

Henrik: Sweden has always been really good at music export, not just metal, so I would say that music, is in the veins of the Swedish people.
We’re struggling real hard and we don’t have a final goal but rather milestones like releasing a video, put together a tour and so on. I think if we just can distribute our music so that people get knowledge about us we could actually be recognized as a band to reckon with.


Officer Nice: I heard the label and the band enjoyed my review. Didn’t you expect such positive critics? How were the reviews anyway (worldwide)?

Henrik: We had no expectations at all, 95% of the reviews has been positive and that is satisfying of course but a review is just one person’s opinion (often) so the best is to buy the album, listen and make your own conclusions!


Officer Nice: When I read big Metal magazines I read names from bands I have never heard about. The scène keeps on growing… The older bands still exists and the new bands keep on coming. What’s your opinion about the modern Metal scène? Can you name a few albums you heard the last year (any kind of music).

Henrik: There is an enormous amount of bands in the world so the competition for recognition is extremely though these days, many bands sounds alike I think and that’s where we don’t want to be with our music. We hope that we have a somewhat unique sound, so far we’ve never heard anyone say in reviews etc. that we sounds just like this or that band.


Officer Nice: When I talk with the youth, lots of young people seems to like the old stuff, in Metal and Non-Metal. Also the Eighties POP music is very popular. What is it with the Eighties and the old music?

Henrik: I too love the eighties music, both metal and rock/pop music, I think it’s the sound, the analogue atmospheric sound of the eighties and also that back in those days you only heard what the labels released which was a handful of bands compared to today when everyone can release an album and put it on Spotify and iTunes etc. A band was more unique back then.


Officer Nice: When I looked at the band’s picture I thought of some advertisement of one or another Western movie. Is this just a picture? Is it the brand of the band or can we expect 5 traditional Metal heads on stage? Is there a possibility to see you guys on tour?

Henrik: Yeah, haha, as I said before the visually concept is “The turn of the century” and yes, for this album it’s the brand of the band, for the next album it’s not.
We’re working with our booking agent to put together a tour in Europe so hopefully we’ll see you on tour!


Officer Nice: In my introduction I talked about the troubles in the Swedish society. What’s wrong over there? Are the stories true and will it end? Is it a source of inspiration for the lyrics? When I see the title ‘War Is Coming’ I suppose you are talking about…. Sweden? Europe?….

Henrik: My personal opinion is that most fucked up shit that happens in the world, has to do with either politics or religion, two things that I couldn’t care less about so the answer is no, War is coming actually has nothing at all to do with the kind of war that we first may think of, it’s about the inner war or struggle that we all feel from time to time, more or less. It’s about people with psychological problems.


Officer Nice: Any last words for our readers?

Henrik: As said, we hope to get on tour soon to show our music to the world!
And also buy the album!