Posted on April, 3rd. 2017

Questionnaire by Jason Houston on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM


Q: Ronny I know that you and your Wife have been dealing with the fact that she was recently diagnosed.  If you don’t mind me asking how is she doing right now?  Do they think they caught it early or is it too early to determine that?

RM: Yes she has been going through a lot. She has stage 3 Ovarian cancer and they will be operating soon after the chemo treatments. So, it’s a waiting game and one day at a time. It’s a horrible thing to have to go through and to such a good person is disheartening to say the least.


Q: Going through something like this I know has to be really a hard thing to go through…. Did her illness seem to come out of nowhere, were you and her at all surprised by the Cancer diagnoses or had she been showing some symptoms or did her illness just seem to come out of nowhere where she seemed to be perfectly healthy and then one day she just all of a sudden started not to feel well?

RM: Out of nowhwere Jason, thats how it happened. She was fine and then one day complained of some pain in her abdomen and then it went away. It came back the next evening and we ended up in an ambulance and in the emergency room for 12 hours. There’s a lot more but I’ll share you the details but I will say this… Our lives changed forever that day and things will never be the same. I can only hope they will be better days than ever.


Q: I know that you have set up a Go Fund Me Type of Page where people can give donations to help with her medical expenses.  For anyone who might be interested in sending in a donation could you please tell us exactly where people can go to send in their donations?

A: Yes we do have a page that a friend set up but I want to make it clear that it is for living expense’s not medical as we are covered for the majority of that for now.

We lost our business and have no income at all whcih means we will be losing more than that in the future unless a miracle happens.  The go fund me page is on my facbook page just click the picture and it will bring you to where you can donate. Thank you very much of you do.


Q: Like a lot of your fans Ronny I first became aware of you because of your being in METAL CHURCH. Your final CD with Metal Church was the Fantastic Generation Nothing CD. My question is how happy where you with that CD and the way it came out being that I think it’s pretty safe bet that this will probably be your final recording ever with Metal Church.

RM: To be honest I didn’t care for it that much. I didn’t like the song writing and the production was lacking. There were a couple good tracks but nothing that really captured me that much.


Q: People seemed to really respond so well to The Generation Nothing CD and it got really great reviews.  With all that being said how surprised were you when once again things between you and Metal Church seemed to come to such an erupt end?

RM: Things change in life. I could tell when we did the 70,000 Tons cruise that the dynamic in the band was different and I didn’t feel comforatble anymore. People grow and sometime’s in different directions.


Q: In regards to your most recent departure from METAL CHURCH did you leave on your own or were you asked to leave?

RM: Let me make this abundantly clear… I stepped down from Metal Church for the reasons I was just talking about. To be honest  I never thought Vanderhoof could get Mike Howe back after I left. I wish Mike all the luck in the world.


Q: Your last solo album that came out on RAT PAK RECORDS was Electric Wake. Can fans expect future solo releases from you Ronny or is your new band:  Munroe’s Thunder your main project right now?

RM: I’m doing a couple things right now that I wll be talking about soon. One is Munroe’s Thunder but that is on hiatus for awhile. The Other is a project I have with a good friend. Scott Riff Miller of Tango Down and a few other cats. All of them are Metal man and very cool. I’m excited to get the stuff out there.


Q: Talk about the other members of Munroe’s Thunder, who are they and how did you find them?

RM: Well , Rick Ward our drummr has been a long time friend and was the first drummer in the first solo band I put together. Ricks a great guy and pounding drummer. There’s David Mark Pearce out of Scotland now on Lead guitar and he is our musical director as well. D does a great job for the band and we couldn’t  do all this wthout him.

Then there’s Justin Zych on the other lead guitar, this kid rips and plays with emotion as well. Justin is a great guy as well and we are lucky to have him and last but not least we have Chris Tristram on bass. Chris has a great ear and is a solid player, again we are lucky to have him. So thats the guys but let’s not forget my beautiful wife/Manager J Von Hughes Munroe who keeps us all together and on track when we are working. J Von put this together and is going to see it through for sure.


Q: Is there a Munroe’s Thunder CD in the works, on the way?

RM: Yes there is as soon as things calm down with the health issures then we will get the record out and crush the fans with some killer shows.


Q: Has the band performed live together yet?

RM: Not as of yet but soon.


Q: Anything else you’d like to say to all the Ronny Munroe fans out there?

RM: Thank you for hanging in there with me and a huge thank you to those of that I have sent prayers, love, music, cards and everything else to my Queen J Von. It means the world to think there are so many good human beings out there.

I’m not going anywhere, you’ll hear from me very very soon! Love and Light!


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