Posted on October 18th. 2017

Questionnaire by Officer NIce on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Hello, here Rico, aka Officer Nice from the METAL TO INFINITY webzine. I have some questions for you, hope you’ll enjoy them…, 

Officer Nice: MILS is a totally unknown band out here, so please tell us more about the band and it’s history. What is the band name standing for? 

Mils: Basically Mils was created as a studio project in 2008. After a few years creating songs we decided to record an album which was released in 2013 by Dooweet Records. We got a lot of good reviews from all over Europe and we thought it was a good idea to work on a live show. Lately we’ve released an EP “We fight / We love”, with our new singer Melodie and we think that this EP is more consistent than our debut album, we’ve found our identity and our sound. MILS is an acronym, it means “Man is a lonely soldier” and it evokes man’s loneliness in front of the immensity of his condition and the perpetual search for salvation. 


Officer Nice: Can you introduce us to the band members and their experiences in the music scene? 

Mils: Three of us are professional musicians, Melodie our singer sings in several bands and has a strong experience in rock music, she’s also a vocal coach. Cerise our rhythm guitarist plays in a professional 100% girls AC/DC cover band “Ladies Ballbreaker” ! Ben is a studio and session drummer, he has a strong experience playing and touring with a lot of bands in many different genres. Jack the keyboard has a strong experience in prog metal and extreme metal bands and Tristan our lead guitarist studied classical guitar when he was young but also plays in rock bands for ages. 


Officer Nice: MILS isn’t a pure a Metal band and it might be strange to have this review and interview on our site. In the biography there wasn’t even a Metal band mentioned when you talked about the main influences of the band. Depeche Mode, Muse, Pink Floyd…but no pure Metal band. So, tell us more about the music and the influences of MILS. 

Mils: In fact beside Rock and Electronic music we’re all Metal music fans, but it’s not an inspiration in the process of making our music. It’s kind of weird I agree, but that’s the way we want to lead our project. For example Paradise Lost is a strong influence, Rammstein, Nightwish, Fear Factory as well… Lately I can tell you that most of us are fans of bands like Leprous or Rival Sons. But you won’t found those influences from that bands in our music. WE as musicians are influenced by that bands but Mils is just the result of blending those influences with other ones like Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Muse even Joy Division etc..


Officer Nice: Anyway, Metal or not, we were impressed by this release. Did you read our review? Agree or disagree?

Mils: We totally agree on your review, and we’d like to thank you and Metal to Infinity for being open minded ! We know for sure that it’s really difficult to review our music, for Metal journalists we’re not Metal enough and for Rock ones we sound a bit too rough… It’s kind of weird, like if we are exactly on the line in between those two worlds. Maybe it’s what we wanna be after all ! The reviews we enjoy reading are those like you did, people who try to go further the first impressions… It means for us, one way or another, we did realize to touch people behind that first impression, and it’s a great feeling, as if you try to socialize with someone that doesn’t speak your language but that you can finally do it and spend good times with him even with that gate between you and him… 


Officer Nice: If you would ask me there are clear influences of Metal. I hear heavy loaded guitars, hard hitting drums and great leads. So tell us… Do you like to be mentioned in the Metal scene or not?

Mils: Absolutely we don’t have any problem with that ! And you know if we decided to give the production of our songs to ‘Drop’ at the Downtone Studio (Geneva, Switzerland) it’s precisely because we want a heavy sound ! Drop is a great Metal and Electro producer, but he’s also the composer of Sybreed (and now Obsydians) and he’s the new bass player of Samael… I guess we can say he knows what heavy sound means. And as I said every one of us are or Metal fans ! It’s like if we want to do something without being able to throw out where we came from… Our music is made of Synthetizers and great vocal parts, but we don’t want to do that without a huge modern drum sound and heavy guitars !


Officer Nice: Why did you choose for an EP to release and not for a full album? Is this your first effort anyway?

Mils: An EP was the best way for us to provide something consistent as I said earlier. We didn’t want something with ups and downs, we wanted something without concessions. And we have no problems with the fact that some people feels frustrated to doesn’t ear more ! It’s like when you meet someone, it would be stupid to know everything from him or her after the first 24 hours ! It takes times to know all the bright and the dark sides but when you fall in love it’s probably for just a short percentage of the person that you can sense. With that 5 songs you will know if you like us or not, you will know there is a lot more to discover as well, but in the other hand it’s supposed to be enough for you to know what you think about our music.  

Officer Nice: Can you tell us, in your own words and song by song, more about “We Fight We Love?

Mils: This EP evokes through its symbolic title the intrinsic struggle of the human being facing life, adversity and the world around him. It takes its inspiration in the confrontation of man with his own emotions and with others. The cry of a loved one loosing himself (COME HOME), the damage of indifference (NO BODY), the ephemeral relief of flight forward (ESCAPE), the strength of prayer in the threat of combat (STRANGE NIGHT) the non-return facing a declaration of war (CASUS BELLI) … the human interactions are violent.

However, in every battle, whether internal or external, love is in the center. Sometimes it is the cause of the evil, sometimes it is the remedy. In any case, love is essential.


Officer Nice: I didn’t mention it in my review, but the lyrics are performed in good English. Why did you choose to write English lyrics instead of French lyrics?

Mils: I think the main reason is that we are human beings that want to make music for other human beings, wether they’re French or not. We don’t want to talk about French politics or things like that that can talk just to French people, we’re talking to every one on this planet. So we didn’t chose English because it’s a beautiful language or not or because it sounds good or not, but just because it can reach people everywhere ! About the Lyrics we are working with a Swedish friend, Jo. Lindgren who writes all our lyrics and it’s easier for her to write in English. We’re deep fans of her writing and it’s really easy to work with her, for each song we discuss a lot about what feelings and what subject we want to put in and she always enhance that in a perfect way.


Officer Nice: I really like the front cover as well. What’s the idea about it and who created it?

Mils: It was created by Geoffrey Levêque which is our community manager in fact ! But as you saw he’s also an awesome photographer and graphic designer. The main idea was to illustrate that this border between Love and Fight can be really thin. Life makes that those who fight today can be those who loved each others yesterday, and the contrary. And we wanted a close up to illustrate that our music is catchy. There’s nothing contemplative in that artwork, it’s spontaneous as our music on this EP.


Officer Nice: The songwriting on this EP is strong, every single track has its secrets and strengths. How do you cooperate to write songs and how was time in studio?

Mils: It all starts with an idea from one of us that we discuss and try to improve. We’re friends so sometimes we spend much of our time to discuss than to make music but it’s an important part of the process of making our music ! You know we’re hedonists, and we want to compose as we are, sometimes it’s better to compose with a glass of red wine than a guitar or a computer in the hands. We don’t need much time to play the songs, but we spend a lot of time to think about it, to discuss the subjects etc…

About the time in studio we always let us an important range to make changes during the recording, and it happens all the times. Because we feel good working at the Downtone studio and ‘Drop’ knows us perfectly so sometimes we just have to sit there, record our parts and discuss about the song, and ideas pop up naturally… We’re always looking for that kind of magic that can happen only during the final recording.


Officer Nice: I was for especially impressed by the female vocals! What an amazing and incredible good front woman. Where did you find this pearl? I suppose with such an amazing vocalist a band has much possibilities. So please, tell us, what is the goal of the band?

Mils: When we started writing this new EP we wondered who would be able to perform these songs. We knew Melodie and it was obvious for us that she was a good choice. After the releasing of the debut album we wanted to put some more rock vibes in our music and we thought she was the good person to do that. Her voice fits perfectly with our music because she can be both emotional and tough ! She’s also an asset on stage because she’s a bit “possessed” when she performs. That can make two of our live performances very different, and we like that !

About the goal of the band it’s mainly to have the opportunity to perform live everywhere, as every band we want people to enjoy our music, but we think the best way to do that is to make them discover us during a live performance. 

Officer Nice: I noticed some great live pictures on the Facebook page. MILS is a live band, for sure. Tell us more about it and can we expect you in Belgium?

Mils: Absolutely, as I said Mils was created as a studio project but Mils is now for a few years a real live band ! We are going to release a live studio video in a couple of days so you’ll be able to see and ear what it looks like. We were not touring a lot outside of France but it’s gonna change in a near future, we have plans abroad for 2018. And yes we will play in Belgium november 3rd at the B52 near Bruges, it’s gonna be our first time in Belgium and we can’t wait for that because we know how Belgians are sensitive to rock music. You guys can definitely like our music !! And we hope to come back after that because we have a lot of friends in Belgium, especially in Bruxelles so we have to come and play there !


Officer Nice: Any last words for our readers?

Mils: First of all we’d like to thank those who read that interview, and thank you for that opportunity. It was a pleasure to answer those questions. I hope it will help you to know a bit more about the band and makes you want to listen to Mils ! We really hope to see you in one of our concert, because live music is everything !

We’re in an highly connected world and the thing that can’t replace technology is feeling between human beings, meeting new people, traveling, drinking a beer with people you barely know, sharing moments like that and most of all listening to live music ! Even shitty music can be great if it’s played live with a good intention and feeling. So let’s meet in a near future in a club or a venue and let’s have good times !!