LETHAL INJURY – A Talk With DENNIS (Guitar) / RAMBO EXODUS (Vocals) / JONJO (Guitar) / JOSHA (Bass)

Posted on October 30th. 2018

Questionnaire by Stefan on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM


The time has come to put the Belgian metal scene in the spotlight, for now I’d like to do this for a band from the seaside of my homeland, Ostend. Five young aged metalheads have united under the name Lethal Injury, they just unleashed their debut full length album entitled “Melancholia”. About the goings on inside the core of the band, I give them the opportunity to respond to some questions regarding the early days of existence, ambitions, future plans and stuff. Don’t waste time so let the talk begin.

Stefan: Ever-recurring question to start an interview, introduce yourself with the emphasis on the place of origin, band occupation and their musical background, when and by whom the band was founded.

Dennis: We are Lethal Injury  based in Ostend Belgium. The band was founded by Josha, Rambo, Jonjo, Nicholas and myself in january 2015. All tho josha, Rambo and myself where already playing together for quiet some time. Later on Nicholas left and was eventually replaced by Arthur. Musical backround is various, everyone has his own input and favorites. We all love metal that’s for sure.


Stefan: What was your predetermined ambition to start with a metal band?

Josha: We just wanted to have fun and write some good Music. Nevertheless when there was an opportunity to make more of it, We always took it with both hands.


Stefan: Where is the band name based on, what’s the story behind?

Rambo: After a long night of drinking uhum,.. Thinking we came up with the name Lethal Injury. Fun fact is that everyone in the band has suffered from a lethal injury at some point in live and apparently we keep traditions up. This summer Arthur had a motorcycle accident and Dennis bruised his rib on a surfboard,..


Stefan: Name a few bands considering Lethal Injury’s sources of inspiration?

A: Pantera, Death, The Black Dhalia Murder, Sylosis, Lamb of God, Exodus, Suicidal Angels and various Black metal bands.


Stefan: How would you describe the style of the band – to which fans do you want to focus?

Dennis: We don’t try to focus on a specifiek kind of style or fan. We just play what we want to play, We always will try to mix it up and see what’s possible, Thinking outside of the box.

Stefan: Since your existence many performances have already been finished as support for well-known names out of the thrash metal movement. How did you experience these live performances?

Jonjo: Our experiences have been amazing playing support for these bands. We get a lot of respect and appreciation. It makes us want to kill every show we do!! Next level shit all day.


Stefan: At some point the original drummer made the decision to leave the group. I would like to know why and who was his replacement?

Dennis: There was always a kind of tension between Nicholas and the band. So sooner or later it had to explode! Which it did so it was mainly because of internal beef. We had a spare drummer for the shows, so we asked him to replace Nicholas at first. But it didn’t work out musically. Then i saw Arthur playing and I just tought, ‘I want that guy to drum in my band!’

So I asked Arthur and he said yes. We did a small jam together and from the first second, the spark was back! The results of that spark can you hear on our brand new album ‘Melancholia’.


Stefan: May I assume it was the four song loaded demo that led to be recorded a full length album?

Dennis: It was always the plan to record a full length album after the demo was out. that’s why ‘Denounce’ is also on the new record. we still have that link between where we started and where we are now.

Stefan: Meanwhile your debut album “Melancholia” has been unleashed, first I’d like to ask for the one produced, mixed and mastered the effort, and where the recordings took place?

Jonjo: We decided to record our debut album at ‘Shellshock Studio’. We’ve known Pieter for quite some time and he was really happy to give us this chance, we were glad to work with him. Pieter produced and mixed us. our choice to work with Pieter wasn’t a difficult one, he knows what we would like and makes it happen, thanks Pieter!! Mastering is done by Kris Belaen @ CCR recordings & Mastering and he did a great job!


Stefan: Released by WormHoleDeath Records, a label I’m totally unfamiliar with… feel free to mention a few names on the roster of the company – how did the collaboration came to be?

A: It’s a Italian label with some strong bands on their roster. I knew that Ithilien is on that label, so that’s why we contacted them along side some other labels and they came back to us with a very enthousiastic mail and a solid deal so we chose Wormhole Death as partner and they helped us very good so far! So Thanks to Wormhole Death.


Stefan: What’s the story behind the great cover artwork, who’s the creator?

A: The creator is Demiror aka Cédric Lepère owner of La Danse Macabre tattoo & art gallery ? we had a rough idea of the cover and he worked it out perfectly. It’s al linked to the songs from the album you just have to look for it.


Stefan: During 35 minutes, I really enjoyed the whole album “Melancholia” but asking myself the background of the title?

Jonjo: The background of the title really wasn’t anything we planned upfront, it just came to be. We started writing songs, and this was the direction we chose to go. The title itself was an idea of Dennis, he got some Greek mythology in there and went with “Melancholia”. I like it.


Stefan: What is the guideline throughout the entire album, guide us through a few of the songs, lyrical wise.

Rambo: Somehow the songs are all connected to the same dark ‘Melancholic’ vibe, that same vibe guides you through every song, lyrical wise it wasn’t really our plan, it happened on coincidence,…


Stefan: I’m sure you’ve already read my review and like to know if you guys are agree or not with the written point of view.

Josha: First of all thanks for the great review, we definitely agree.


Stefan: There is a that is introduced by an excerpt from the war movie Full Metal Jacket, the scene were private Pyle, totally fucked up sitting on a toilet ready to put a bullet through his head, which he finally did. Why did you choose to use this scene?

Rambo: Well the lyrics from ‘Suicidal Call’ are definitely as fucked up as this particular movie scene. Dennis wrote that lyric and when he presented it to me I just had to think about that scene, I suggested it and everyone liked it.

Stefan: Are you ready to Tour around as promotion for the new effort? What about the gig bookings so far?

Josha: We are ready to tour and play all the stages small or big. We have a very strong team behind us and they help us in every way they can which is awesome! So many thanks to Wim ‘Twi’ Torreborre our Merch hero! Pieter nyckees our studio and live sound engineer! Our newest crew member Robin ‘Cockie’ Decock Lighting engineer. Infernal hails tot hem! For gig bookings we are sending emails and trying to promote our album in the best way possible. So we’ll see how things go. But if you’re an organiser or a booker and reading this, then don’t hesitate to contact us.


Stefan: To which festival Lethal Injury would like to participate in the future – why?

A: We want to play ‘m all. We definitely want to play the metalfestivals in Belgium, Graspop, Ieperfest, Alcatraz, Antwerp Metalfest, Durbuy Rockfest,… not all in one year offcourse


Stefan: Plans for the future, have you already thought about that or do you guys prefer to live from week to week and see what will show up?

Dennis: We’re already starting on writing and making new songs but first we will see how far things go with this album.


Stefan: Other activities besides playing metal music?

A: beside the band some of us play in other bands, also we have to go to work or college or both. And besides all that. We listen to all kinds of music, going to concerts, skateboarding, gaming nothing unusual. Maybe some satan worshipping from time to time,… hahaha


Stefan: Based on the Belgian metal scene, which bands you’d like to announce as real good

Josha: That’s a difficult one because there are so many bands in Belgium that are over the top! So we can’t really choose.


Stefan: Nowadays it is not easy to stay one step ahead of competing bands, how do you estimate the chances to survive the oncoming competition?

A: For us it isn’t about competition. Because music isn’t about being better, i’ts about doing what you like in the way you like it. We’re all metalheads, musicians or whatever. With the same passion.


Stefan: In my opinion Lethal Injury bring good food to the table and definitely able to defend your own ground. Keep believing in the strength and musical craftsmanship of the band, easier said than done… you already have my approval ! Thanks for your time and peak some final words to our readers if you want too !

A: We want to thank you for this interview also we want to thank everyone else who supported us through the years! Wormhole Death,  Mike De Coene ‘Hard Life Promotions’ thanks to you to! Final words; Thrash ‘Till You Crash!