KINLIN – A Talk With DEWAYNE HART (Vocals/Guitars)

Posted on February 12th. 2018

Questionnaire by Stefan on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Kinlin is a Florida based, four piece modern/groovy hard rock/metal band formed back in 2002. Via Dirk Van Tilborg (ex-Alias member), owner of Sonic Night Music I had the opportunity to meet these guys’ style of music. Meanwhile, my review on their newest cut “Last Stand” had been published, I came to the conclusion they had a wide range of music to deliver. From metal to classic stuff in the vein of classic rockers Kiss or Thin Lizzy, name it and you got it. Very varied band that is capable to serve the listener a really good time so the moment has come to give these lads the chance to speak for themselves, let’s move on with some questions !

Dewayne Hart

Stefan: Belgium greets you, how are you guys?

Dewayne: We are doing great, looking forward to the new year!!!


Stefan: From which place in the world are you coming from and I want to immediately ask how the contemporary music scene is all about?

Dewayne: We are a Florida U.S.A. based band with each of us living in different towns, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, Jupiter and Lake City. The best music scene is in the larger cities like Ft. Lauderdale but there lots other places like Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and there are places in smaller towns that touring bands can play.



Stefan: Who may call himself the founder of the band – under which conditions the bad has been established?

Dewayne: Speaking on behalf of the band I would say myself, Dewayne Hart: singer/guitarist , Tom Lynch guitarist are founding members with drummer Patrick Johansson joining soon after and bassist Chris Eversoul coming in a few years later.


Stefan: Kinlin is not an everyday band name, what’s the story behind?

Dewayne: Band names are sometimes the most difficult thing to decide but after bouncing around names for some time we came to KINLIN which is slang for (kindling), a type of fuel infused wood used to start fires.


Patrick Johansson (Drums)

Stefan: Will you please guide us through the line-up? Who is who and what about each one’s musical background?

Dewayne: The most well-known of us is drummer Patrick Johansson, a Swedish native who has played with Yngwie Malmsteen, WASP and many other well-known bands, lead guitarist Tom Lynch a veteran of the south Florida music scene and former member of No Pressure, bassist Chris Eversoul also a veteran of the Florida music scene and former member of Baby Jones, and also singer/guitarist Dewayne Hart, well known country bumpkin and banjo picker.


Stefan: Did some musicians have already stepped out of the Kinlin core? For what reason actually?

Dewayne: Yes we have had other bass players and drummers in the past but things didn’t work out because of various personality and scheduling differences but we are all still friends.


Stefan: I read a review that described Kinlin as a modern day sounding US melodic NU-metal and I actually disagree. IMHO – You guys are pure American sounding and you’re melodic as well but the term Nu-metal seems a bridge to far for me. A reaction from your side would be good to know. How would you define Kinlin’s way of acting?

Dewayne: Yes I agree we are not new metal, we are definitely rooted in old school hard rock/metal with a little new age production and writing. We come from different influences and cultures from power  metal to classic melodic rock  and it shows in our music.


Chris Eversoul (Bass)

Stefan: First album saw daylight by the title as “Turn It Up” followed by a second effort “Forever”, I’m not familiar with these albums and want to know what food these recordings have in promotion? May I suppose that you had the status of an unsigned band those days?

Dewayne: Actually the first album was self-titled KINLIN and the 2nd was titled The End Of Dissent witch are still available on CD Baby, yes we were unsigned in those days but we were very active playing some really fun shows then.


Stefan: Who’s the song writer in the band actually – on which topics the lyrics are based on.

Dewayne: Dewayne is the primary writer for the most part with everyone having input to melodies and lyrics and the overall sound and vibe.


Stefan: Do you mind painting a brief picture of how a song is created within the camp of Kinlin?

Dewayne: In the early days there we were able to get together and work things out spending time trying different ideas that’s how the first two records were made, these days like many other bands we live too far apart to practice on a regular basis so develop ideas on our own, sending music to each other then come together in the studio to rehearse and record.


Stefan: First live performance ever, tell me about please. How did the attendees respond?

Dewayne: We were completely unknown and working under a different name, I think it was a battle of the bands type of gig, but we had great crowd response and we knew we were on to something great and inspired to continue with our efforts.


Dewayne Hart & Tom Lynch (Guitars/Vocals)

Stefan: Name a few important bands have you already been allowed to share the stage with – how about the most unforgettable one?

Dewayne: We have been very fortunate to have played shows with some awesome bands like Queensryche, Godsmack, Dokken, Winger, Testament, Stryper,, Saliva among others but the show that stands out is at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood FL. with 3 Days Grace, Chevelle, Buckcherry and Puddle of Mudd, great venue, great crowd.


Stefan: Let’s talk regarding the new album “Last Stand”, already unleashed via Sonic Night Music ! First on, how did you get in touch with this company?

Dewayne: We originally released “Last Stand” independently and were already familiar with Sonic Night Music through various recording projects with the company involving Patrick Johansson and Dewayne Hart at The Barn Studio (Dewayne’s studio) so it was an obvious decision to rerelease the album with Sonic Night Music Club.


Stefan: It’s a pure American made album where the US flag has been added to the cover artwork, any particular reason to this?

Dewayne: Actually the US flag was prominently displayed within the KINLIN logo on our independent release so it was not added to the new cover but was retained upon our insistence, I think for the same reason Iron Maiden has the British flag on the cover of The Trooper, we are proud Americans including drummer Patrick Johansson who came here from Sweden and is now a U.S. citizen, we want to honor the U.S.A.  and all of our Veterans, active military and fallen warriors who given the ultimate sacrifice to insure the freedom and liberty we still have today.


Stefan: As you’ve probably read in my review for “The Last Stand”, great album to me guys but how would you like to recommend the effort to the world?

Dewayne: Thanks for the great review you couldn’t have said it any better, all I can say is I hope the next record is as well received, we are midway in production of our fourth album while supporting “The Last Stand”.


Stefan: Will you guide us through the lyrical contents of some of the songs? Who wrote the songs anyway?

Dewayne: The lyrics on The Last Stand cover a lot of subject matter everything from broken relationships (Forever and a day) to the possibility of civil war (Unthinkable) and losing all you have (Monday Rain).


Stefan: Compared to the previously released albums, can you say that this is Kinlin’s most mature album?

Dewayne: I would say that’s up to the listener to decide, each album definitely has its own vibe and sound as will the next.


Stefan: Until now, how the press and media reacted to “The Last Stand”?

Dewayne: We have had some great reviews like yours for which we are very thankful, it’s very inspiring when our work is appreciated and we try to make each record better than the last.


Stefan: New album mostly brings a long a new tour or some release dates, tell me about please.

Dewayne: No long tours yet but we have been playing in our home state and regionally here in the U.S. and have plans to play some festivals this summer.


Stefan: I’m not sure but I guess it’s very difficult to find Kinlin’s albums in European record stores. Am I right and what about an international distribution?

Dewayne: Not sure about that either, hopefully if there are any problems with availability Sonic Night Music will be able to solve them.


Stefan: Kinlin has potential and should be heard by every metal fan across the world, you guys deserve that, do you hope one or another record will offer you a deal sooner or later? Maybe you’ve been approached by a Euro based label?

Dewayne: Who knows what the future holds but we are always seeking new opportunities to expand the Kinlin name.

Stefan: What are the plans for the future, more albums coming up when the time is right?

Dewayne: We are always writing new songs and the 4th album is coming along nicely we should have another release some time this year.


Stefan: Are you guys familiar with any of our own Belgian metal movement?

Dewayne: Patrick has played the Graspop Festival and others many times we hope to be a part of the Belgian metal world.

Stefan: Well, than I hope that all your intentions may come true and who knows, we meet each other on Belgian soil as Kinlin standing proud on stage ! Thank you very much for the partaking to this conversation.