GOROD – A Talk With JULIEN “Nutz” DEYRES (Vocals) & MATHIEU PASCAL (Guitars)

Posted on February 26th.. 2019

Questionnaire by Stefan on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Hello, here Rico, aka Officer Nice from the Metal To Infinity webzine. I have some questions for you, hope you to like them. Please introduce us to Gorod, the band. What about the history of the band? Please introduce us to all of the present members.

Julien “Nutz” Deyres: Hello! Gorod was formed in 1997 under the name of Gorgasm and changed to Gorod when the band signed a deal with the american label Willowtip Records in 2006 to release the 2nd album “Leading Vision”. We just released our 6th album “Aethra” and starting to tour in order to promote it. The actual line-up is including Mathieu Pascal (guitar/mastermind) and Benoît Claus (bass guitar) who are the only 2 original founding members. Nicolas Alberny (guitar) joined the band in 2010, just like me, and the newest member is Karol Diers (drums) who joined us in 2013. Since that time, the team remained the same and hope will last until the end.



Officer Nice: What did the band tell us about it?

Nutz: Since the band’s creation, Gorod released 6 albums, 2 EP’s and toured worldwide: Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Indonesia and this year will be pretty busy touring again.


Officer Nice: You’re from France which is not a common country if we talk about Metal. Can you tell us a bit more about your own Metal scene and how Gorod is moving into it?


Nutz: There is no real mainstream rock or metal culture in France which makes it pretty hard to reach an international and even a national recognition. Thus being said, there have been many bands lately who got a solid international success like Gojira, Deathspell Omega, Benighted, Blut aus Nord and many more. We belong to the tech-death scene which is real niche but we tried to experiment new things in order to develop our own artistry as musicians and do things we want to do following a pretty natural evolution.

Officer Nice: What about the sources of inspiration – feel free to bring on a few names?

Nutz: When the band started as Gorgasm, major influences were bands like Death, Carcass and mostly Coroner. Mathieu, the main composer, is also pretty much influenced by guitarists like Marty Friedman, Jason Baker and Al di Meola, but also prog rock from the 70’s and a lot of various jazz and funk music which brings this typical groove ad melodies in Gorod’s compositions.


Officer Nice: Gorod just released a new album. Can you tell us more about it?

Nutz: “Aethra” is probably one the darkest album of Gorod to date and the one who benefits the greatest sound quality thanks to the amazing job of Daniel Bergstrand and Lawrence Mackory who mixed and mastered the 10 tracks. Musically this albums gathers many elements from the previous releases but also brand new experimentation according to vocals and global atmosphere. Concerning lyrics, this new album’s concept is all about the moon: a star, an allegory, a universal symbol that concerns all peoples and eras.

It is divided into ten texts that follow a form of parity in terms of genres: four titles are devoted to female lunar deities, four to male deities. The remaining two are respectively dealing with the universal symbolism of the owl and the star itself. The concept is basically a study of different cults associated with the moon through the ages and peoples. Some themes are treated in a purely narrative way, some others in a more philosophical or poetic way, but generally it remains a personal reading of each myth, which aims to awaken critical thought as much as evasion.


Officer Nice: How were the reviews until now?

Nutz: The majority of reviews seems to be pretty good which is really satisfying as we took few risks in some new musical directions.


Officer Nice: The music sounds very varied, in my review I wrote words like ‘a bit Jazz’ and ‘Progressive’… Tell us more about how a good song have to sound in the camp of Gorod.


Officer Nice: Who is responsible for the song writing and how did it work out for this album? How was time in studio?

Mathieu Pascal: Usually I set a tempo (always trying to never use the same tempo for two different songs) and just play guitar with drum loops until I find a good idea or riff. When I reach at least 3 or 4 parts, I try to build the song with these ideas, converting those into verses, chorus, bridges etc… For this particular album, I pay attention not to put too many different ideas per song, to keep efficiency and cohesion, and of course to spare time!

When the structure of the song works well, I just have to manage transitions, and sometimes I add variations to make the song less boring but still surprising. I send this demo, with the drums and the two main guitars, to the other members for a first approval, and in the same time I write tabs for Nico and Ben. Then Ben add the bass line, Nico his own leads, while Julian starts working on the lyrics. It’s always during the recording process that we use to place the vocals, when all the instruments and arrangements are already done, even if Julian has already a good idea of how he would sing.

During the recording sessions, Karol improve the drum parts, fills and grooves, and all the little details that only the identity of a real drummer can give. It’s also the moment when I start working on arrangements, samples, intros etc, with everything already in the box. The song is complete only at the end of the recording, actually.


Officer Nice: What is the goal for a band like Gorod?

Nutz: Our goal is to tour half a year during touring years, composing new stuff and getting become without necessarily hoping to live fully on our music, whose genre is pretty extreme and confidential.

Officer Nice: Do you guys consider a Tour – any plans so far?

Nutz: For the album “Aethra” we already made a Euro tour in November 2018 with Beyond Creation, Entheos and Brought by Pain. Next tour is a french tour in March with Psykup and Sup, then a US tour in April/May with Psycroptic, Cannabis Corpse and Micawber.


Officer Nice: Do you follow the present Metal movement or are there other kinds of music you are into? What were the best three albums you listened to in 2018?

Nutz: My top album of 2018 the latest album of Daughters “You Won’t Get What You Want”, also the latest Rivers of Nihil is particularly good just like the lastest Beyond Creation and Obscura.


Officer Nice: Some last words for our readers?

Nutz: Thanks for your interest in the band and hope see you on the road, hang out and have drink in real life! Cheers!