Posted on December 06th. 2019

Questionnaire by Officer Nice on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Hello, here Rico from the MTI webzine. How are you? Ready for some questions? Hope you’d like them.

Officer Nice: GALLIA is a new and unknown band, so please, introduce us to the band.

Gallia: Gallia was founded as a musical project, but we soon outgrew that term. Nowadays, we’re a five-person symphonic metal band from Belgium with original songs and a strong passion for music.

Officer Nice: It is clear some trained musicians are at work here. Can you tell us more about the experiences from every single member?

Gallia: Gallia’s songs are written by lead guitarist Yannick. He is one of the founders of Gallia and the creative brain behind the band. He started with music theory and clarinet at a young age, and discovered the joy of being on stage and making music. Next to his solo project where he writes symphonic pieces, he started Gallia and hopes to bring joy to others through the music the band works on.

Davy is the rhythm guitarist that supports the lead guitar. Davy started in 2011 with making music, when he was first handed an electric guitar. He now translates his passion for the metal genre to the songs of Gallia. Ever since he has been a fixture in this band.


The bass melody is played by Laurens. Since his teenage years, Laurens has been a fan of hard rock and metal genres, and founded Gallia together with Yannick. Laurens picked up the bass guitar and hasn’t put it down since. He plays with a lot of enthusiasm and occasionally ventures out to vocals.

The lead vocalist, however, is Elyn. She joined Gallia in 2015. She has a background in musicals and experience with classical singing, but isn’t afraid of the challenge that metal brings. Since she joined, she has also picked up writing lyrics for Gallia.

The band relies on the rhythm of Dieter, Gallia’s drummer. He started with a local marching band, and after that played for local band Clouds of Gravity.


Officer Nice: So, the debut album is released. What I notice is that there is a lot of musicianship in each song. Metal and classic music are going hand in hand. Tell us more, what are the ideas and what can you tell us about the song writing?

Gallia: It all starts with Yannick working his magic in his personal studio. There he writes the orchestral parts and the guitars, which are then presented to the band. Laurens and Dieter write their bass and drum parts at home.

During band rehearsal the pieces are put together until the instrumental puzzle works well. Last but not least, Elyn moulds her lyrics into a vocal melody.

Officer Nice: What were the sources of inspiration?

Gallia: Our main influences come from bands like Xandria, Epica, Sabaton and Nightwish.


Officer Nice: I don’t know if you read my review. Any agrees or disagrees?

Gallia: We loved the review! It’s true that there are a lot of influences from bands like Nightwish and maybe even some folk metal, but we like to give our own spin on the genre. So many influences, musical and otherwise, shape our sound that we hope to surprise the listeners with every song we put out there.


Officer Nice: Elyn is responsible for the vocals. Tell us more about the vocals and the lyrics.

Gallia: Elyn has always been a poetic writer so there’s a lot of symbolism and metaphors to be found in the lyrics. Almost all lyrics have an underlying message or double meaning. She writes from her experience, usually about struggles from her own life and her battle against her inner demons, which she translates to lyrics about wars and heroic fights. Elyn is classically trained with experience in musicals, and her voice has more of a rock-sound which makes her the odd man out in symphonic metal, but that’s what makes Gallia stand out from the other bands.

Officer Nice: How were the reviews until now?

Gallia: The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive! We couldn’t have asked for a better response.


Officer Nice: Belgium is not the ideal country for Metal bands but what’s the place of Gallia in your country and what’s the ultimate goal?

Gallia: We have a select group of symphonic metal bands that define the genre in Belgium. We dare to say that we’re slowly entering that group since the release of our EP.


Officer Nice: Is Gallia a live band? Can we expect some gigs in the near future?

Gallia: We do play live shows, but it’s hard to get booked these days. However, that doesn’t stop us from giving it our best during a live performance. We always try to please the audience; we don’t spare any energy or sweat!

We still have two shows planned in the beginning of next year. After that, we will start writing for our first full-length album!

Officer Nice: This CD contains 6 Metal tracks and 6 symphonic tracks. What’s the goal of combining both on 1 disc?

Gallia: During band practice, we as a band get to listen to the naked orchestral versions to the point that we fell in love with them. There are so many subtleties and minute details, which are not very pronounced in the full mix. We would like to give our fans the opportunity to experience them as we do.


Officer Nice: Any last words for our readers?

Gallia: Thank you for all the support! As a small band we appreciate each and every fan.

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