Posted on September 19th. 2018

Questionnaire by Stefan on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

I want to introduce you all to a new band from Belgium who have a long-term passion for traditional heavy metal, with a preference to the US scene. We at Metal To Infinity have a strong connection with American made metal as well so the pleasure is mine to let formers Bart (vocals) and Birger (drums) speak about what to expect from Flatchet Creed during their early days of existence. No time to waste so let’s get started…

Stefan: Hails Bart and Birger, I want to welcome both of you here at MTI webzine. First things first guys, how Flatchet Creed came to be – who came up with the idea to set up the band?


Birger: Bart started his previous band Showdown long before FC was born, Sammy Peleman was vocalist at that time and Bart was drummer. Due to many line-up changes, Bart switched to guitar and needed another guy on drums, so 3,5 years ago he contacted me. At first we struggled to get a solid line-up, but since a year we are fully on the roll!!! That’s when we decided we could use another name, cause musical influences changed and not so many older songs were played.


Stefan: You had to go on the hunt to find well suited guitarist(s) and a bass player that have been found in the meantime. Feel free to introduce them.

Birger: Bass player Tim is a good ol’ time friend of both of us, we’ve known him for quite some time and went to many festivals together, we didn’t know Frederik at first, but we knew the guitar player from Belgian based Enchantress who left the band, so we contacted him. Seems that it was a really good plan. Stijn arrived last, originally from Aalst, he wasn’t so long around our area yet (Roeselare/Lichtervelde-Belgium). Stijn instantly connected with our ideas and so we made our first steps.


Stefan: A little information about your musical background is always useful to know so be my guest to proceed.


Bart: the sometimes boring story like it started with Metallica and so on, is true for me. Also started early with bands like Savatage and so on..  and got myself in the NWOBHM and the US scene and discovered tons of good bands there. As long as I can keep discovering new and good bands I’m a happy maniac!

Birger: I started around 14-15 years listening to death- and black metal, bought my first album (Obituary – Cause Of Death) just for the looks of the artwork and was hooked immediately. Since then I went to gigs and the hunger for more grew. At my 21 I started my own metal pub called The Stage and that was the place where oldschool US metal gave me a kick in the face. Ever since I’ve expanded my musical spectrum and searched more widely to music. Thanks to many visitors (Stefan from Metal To Infinity especially) I’ve learned loads of new bands. Going from Kick Axe, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Communic, Marduk, the whole range of US bands, … just don’t bother me we Nu-metal, I hate boysbands !


Stefan: With which ambitions the band was founded and what about the band name – what’s the meaning behind?

Bart: We will see where it goes, first of all we want to make songs that we all like and giving it our best on stage, if good shows and tours come our way we will not decline… also want to get our demo out and invest time to get the full album out in 2019.

Birger: In the very beginning, we realized that it was difficult for us to do many shows and invest a lot of time rehearsing cause Bart and I are independent contractors. But over time we learned to give it a good routine, next up was an old time dream of us to record an album.

“Flatched” is a pointed steel projectile with a vaned tail for stable flight. The name comes from French fléchette, “little arrow” or “dart”. Used as artillery since WWI.

So “Flatched Creed” you can describe as a confession or even submission that religion will come down on you like heavy fuckin metal.

Stefan: On FB there was written about your style in the vein of Anacrusis, Attacker and Annihilator. Can you clarify this point a bit more?

Bart: Always hard to put a certain style on music, especially if it is your own music, so we tried to sum up some bands we take influence to. But yeah, we try to write songs somewhere in between Anacrusis and Attacker.

Birger: On drums I like to play with the songs by mixing fast drums with slow guitars, or otherwise, I like to set tone with double bass drum and add little accents, so the feel is different than what you really play. I’m not so technically, but if you can pimp up the guitars with the right feel, it makes a huge difference. I can find the same feel with Michael Sabatini (Attacker) and Paul Malek (Annihilator).


Stefan: Are these bands a viable card to follow their footsteps?

Bart: For me yes, although It’s always hard to stick to one “type” of metal.

Birger: YES, I’m a huge fan of Attacker for many reasons, and Anacrusis and Annihilator can never bore me, their music is so well balanced and just the right amount of technical ingenuity.



Stefan: A first rehearsal is always a tense moment because you don’t know what to expect for real, was a good togetherness immediately present?

Bart: I think with Flatchet Creed we all thrived on metal and we all want to play good music and that vibe is certainly present! We found each other quite fast and played some good jams. So on that term, yes !

Birger: For me most of the time, at first is quite good, but soon comes the differences in style and motivation. So now I think we hit the spot with a well-balanced group. Anyway, I enjoyed playing with all the previous musicians and learned much during that time!


Stefan: How many times a week you stay in the rehearsal room?

Birger: Each Tuesday evening, we’re locked up for a 3-4 hour rehearsal, sometimes, Bart, Stijn and me try to add some Saturday jams to write new stuff, cause that how we noticed we evolve the fastest.


Stefan: Recording wise, what are the plans?

Bart: Trying to get a full album somewhere end of 2019 would be nice!!

Birger: We finished recording 5 songs for a mini some time ago, and are now in the mixing fase. We hope to have it out in a short period of time. In the meantime, we’ve written and optimized about 10 complete songs and hope we can record a full album soon. But first we’re very curious about the mini…


Stefan: Flatchet Creed are still in the very beginning of your existence, yet I want to ask if some performances have already been booked.

Bart: For the moment 5 and 6 October 2018 but working on extra shows for the upcoming demo, mini release.

Birger: Shows are starting to come around, in the near future we play with THORIUM in Deinze and Eindhoven (5 and 6 oct). but I actually held the gigs on hold for a while, because recordings of the mini went slow, and I really wanted something to bring to shows. But that hassle is almost over!



Stefan: If there is 1 festival where you would like to play, which one would it be and why?

Bart: Headbangers Open Air, Keep It True, Bang Your Head (though it’s a bigger festival)… some overseas shows in the UK and so on would be nice as well. Also the festivals in Sweden and Finland would be great places to play. Here in Belgium, Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival of course ! Too many to name them all. As long as the people are crazy enough, I’m game.

Birger: Damn, you can’t make me choose one! But If I do have to choose, it would definitely be a smaller festival (Der Detze Rockt, Headbangers Open air, Pyrenean Warriors Open Air…).

Why? Because there you got an audience that care for the music, unlike the yuppy-Graspop-goin-once-in-a-year-festival-groupie, and I guess we’ll fit right in if you see what bands those fests present.


Stefan: Besides playing in a metal act, do you have some other ambitions/pursuits?

Bart: Drumming in a metal act for me…, naked titties are cool also…

Birger: Going to as many festivals as my wife allows me to J and building up my business as roofer.


Stefan: According to your own opinions, which bands from Belgium you prefer above the rest… why?

Bart: My god, what a difficult question ! Of course I like the old school bands like Killer, Ostrogoth , Acid, Cyclone and so on but I have huge respect for other bands likewise Tyrants Call, Slaughter Messiah, Evil Invaders, After All, Carnation (what a killer band they are!!! ).  All of these people keep metal alive in Belgium and set their heart and soul into it…

Birger: Catafalque, they just have a mini, but oh-so good! Killer, cause of their non-stop motivation and brilliant performances. And Scavenger, can’t wait to see them soon on a reunion show (PWOA).


Stefan: Last one, will each one of the band name its top 5 albums?

Bart: I Can’t only name 5 albums because I got like 100 albums that fit into my top 5… sorry mate.

Birger: 1 ATTACKER – The Second Coming   2 DEATH – Individual Thought Patterns   3 CAGE – Supremacy Of Steel   4 BLACK SABBATH – The Headless Cross   5 DEATH ANGEL – The Ultra-Violence


Stefan: Than I guess this is it guys, thanks for the collaborating and hope to see/hear you soon by the grace of heavy metal, cheerz ! Last words to your fans/MTI visitors… go for it right now !

Birger: First of all, thank you for this interview and support for all the bands! Magazines like MTI are what we need as bands, but also as audience to learn the new stuff, read the cool reviews, are just escape the plain world out there!

Second, hope you’ll all come out to shows, ours or others, cause that’s what we all need, see live gigs, talk to people and of course, if you see me at the bar, have a beer with me, you won’t regret it. 😉