Posted on October o6th. 2017

Questionnaire by Officer Nice on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM


Hello guys, how are you. Here Rico, aka Officer Nice from the Belgian Metal To Infinity webzine. Thank you so much for this cooperation and for sending the second CD, I really enjoyed it. I have some questions for you, hope you’ll enjoy them.

Officer Nice: Divinity Compromised will be, for the most of our readers, totally unknown. So please, tell us more about the band and the history of the band.

Lothar: Well the band formed in 2009 by Jeff Treadwell and Vito Marchese ( from Novembers Doom). The band went through a couple of bass players  before Andrew Bunk was confirmed with the bands line up. In 2013 the debut album “ A World Torn” was released. The band supported the album with several shows throughout parts of the U.S.A. along with playing the prestigious Festival Progpower USA in 2013. During that year Vito Marchese parted ways with the band and Ben Johnson decided to step up and take over both roles in playing Guitar and Keys. Since that time the band has released what is now our 2nd album “Terminal “


Officer Nice: Can you introduce us to all the members into the fold and their personal history in the music scène?

*Jeff Treadwell: Lead Guitar and founding member of Divinity Compromised. Jeff also has been a guitar instructor in the Chicago area.

*Ben Johnson: Keyboards and Guitar. He also mixed/engineered both of the Divinity Compromised albums.

*Andrew Bunk: Bass guitar and backing Vocals. Andrew has contributed a large amount of song writing to the album Terminal with lyrical content and music. He has played with bands such as Braindance and Ion Vein.

*Mike Mousel: Drums and percussion. Mike played in a band with Vito called Sage 4

*Lothar Keller: Lead Vocals. Came from the band Sacred Dawn and currently plays guitar for The Skull which has former members from the band Trouble.


Officer Nice: Let us first talk about the goal of the band. Don’t tell me you guys just want to have fun and play some good Metal…. Everything about Divinity Compromised breathes professionalism, so tell us what the real goal is and how it works until now.

Lothar: This definitely is not a hobby band. We want to take this as far as it can go…… however without compromising who we are musically. I only want to see it improve and go up. So that’s how we are thinking. We plan to tour this album as well as future albums to come.


Officer Nice: Can you tell us in a few words what the ignorant readers need to know about Divinity Compromised? What are the main musical influences?

Lothar: The best description I can give is that Divinity Compromised is a Dark Prog Metal band with Symphonic elements throughout. The bands that I would say influence most are Evergrey, Nevermore, Symphony X, Opeth etc.


Officer Nice: The first album was released a few years ago. What can you tell us about it. Was it good rated overall? What happened ever since?

Lothar: The first album got great response. It was a good album but it’s definitely got some differences. Vito and Jeff were the primary song writers for A World Torn. However with “Terminal” everybody contributed to the writing process. We wrote almost 20 tunes to get it down to the 9 we chose for the album. 2 songs were held off of “Terminal” to be part of an EP release we are currently working on and planning to release next year.


Officer Nice: I know you read my review about the debut album. Agree or disagree?

Lothar: I do agree with your review. The beauty of a review is that it’s that persons opinion and what they take from an album. It’s always interesting to me which songs are ones favorite. It’s always different but we do get  a couple of songs that  do tend to get the most likes.


Officer Nice: 2017 and a new album. Did you read my second review as well? Agree or disagree?

Lothar: Yes I did read it and I agreed with a lot of the point you made. . It is a different album but we are ok with that. I feel like bands should evolve as time goes on. Some bands have been successful and never change their sound at all. But that doesn’t always work for a lot of bands. “Terminal” was written with everyone’s involvement where as A World Torn was written by Jeff and Vito. I think different flavors of writing can bring new dynamics.


Officer Nice: How were the reviews (worldwide) about the new album until now? Satisfied?

Lothar: So far the reviews have been good for Terminal!!! ! The few negative ones weren’t even that bad LOL. Just wasn’t their cup of tea. But we have been satisfied with how well the album is being received!


Officer Nice: Once again the production is amazingly strong, so tell us about the time in the studio and about the mastering and production. Who’s the main song writer anyway?

Lothar: It’s very nice having the majority of the band members knowledgeable in audio recording. Hell I have a degree in audio video production!! So we set up shop and put all of our gear together to start the recording process. Ben Johnson did the actual mixes and Jens Bogren did the mastering. We are 100% self produced. And trust me ….there we a lot of opinions flying around when we were going through the process LOL.

As for song writers Jeff Treadwell has been the main riff writer….. but Andrew and myself included wrote a pretty decent amount of material on Terminal.


Officer Nice: I see that the front cover is eye catching again. Who’s responsible for it and what’s the message behind it?

Lothar: Drake Mefestta did the artwork for the album. The figure of the old man walking through the door represents him taking that journey through the Terminal and going to the afterlife.


Officer Nice: Can you tell us more about the lyrics?

Lothar: Most of the songs on Terminal are based around topics that are intensely personal and socially relevant. It’s amazing how life experience can inspire a lot of  ideas. We also can’t leave out a good political twist  with songs like  The Definition of Insanity and Free to Speak. Even a little Sci-fi with The Fall of Æstoria.


Officer Nice: The new album can be ordered in Europe, although it is not that cheap.  Anyway, Qumran Records is an unknown label to me so teach us more about it…

Lothar: Qumran is actually a label I own ….. but we did establish distribution deal in Europe with No Dust Records. So for fans in Europe can get their  copy from No Dust Records.


Officer Nice: In my review I wrote touring will be important to grow. Are there any plans? Can we expect you guys in Europe?

Lothar: We are actually looking at some options to tour Europe in 2018!! We definitely know the importance of touring. If all goes well we hope to announce some show dates soon!!


Officer Nice: Can you tell us more about your local Metal scène? Any bands we really need to discover?

Lothar: The metal scene in Chicago can be hit and miss but there are definitely a lot of great bands. We recently did some shows with Scars of Armageddon and Scream King. Both bands that are doing some things in the metal scene. We also have a couple of Rock venues that have been going strong for a while. So hopefully it stays that way for years to come.


Officer Nice: A question I always like…. What are your 3 favorite (Metal) albums and what newest record did you really like?

Lothar: My favorite 3 albums? Hmmmm well I have always felt that strongly about Awaken the Guardian by Fates Warning. Piece of Mind from Iron Maiden and then probably Edge of Tbrons by Savatage. It’s so tough though because there are so many good albums. As for newer albums I absolutely love Sorceress by Opeth.


Officer Nice: Any last words for the readers?

Lothar: There is so much more to come from Divinity Compromised in the future. We love what we do and will continue to try and create the best music we can. Keep watch for any announcements of shows dates or releases and we hope to see some of you fans in near future!!! Stay metal!!