DAWN OF MORGANA – A Talk With JARED DEAVER (Guitar/Growls)

Posted on October 10th. 2017

Questionnaire by Jason Houston on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Jared Deaver

Jason: Hello Jared and welcome to Metal To Infinity.  I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your very, busy schedule to speak with us.

Could you please share with us what year was your band:  Dawn Of Morgana formed and how did you first hook up with the other members and come to form the band?

Jared: The band was formed in 2012 and the other members were found within the next year or so. We had a few member changes during the next few years and solidified the current line up around 2014.


Jason: Jared, how old were you when you first started playing guitar?  Did you take lessons or would you consider yourself to be more of a self-taught player?

Jared: I am more of a self-taught player and started playing the guitar at age 12.


Jason: Who were the Guitar Players who influenced you when you were growing up?

Jared: My main influences were James Murphy and Chuck Schuldiner.


Jason: Do you remember was the very, first song you learned to play on the guitar?

Jared: It was “Am I evil” the Metallica version.


Jason: What do you remember most about the very, first guitar you ever bought?

Jared: It was a white Fender Squier with very memorable, “ Nuclear Roach” sticker on it.


Jason: I know your band:  Dawn Of Morgana is from Sacramento, CA.  Is there much of a Metal Scene there these days?

Jared: The scene in Sacramento is pretty decent! There are few other Symphonic metal bands from the are we play with pretty frequently.


Jason: A lot of kids these days have no idea what a record or even a record store for that matter is.  I mean a lot of kids these days I feel lack that experience of going to a record store and looking at actual, physical records/CDs when purchasing their music these days.  I mean most people these days will simply download one song at a time off a new release by a band they like rather than support their band by buying the whole, entire album. My question to you Jared is how do you feel about fans purchasing music digitally vs. say a standard physical CD?

Jared: It doesn’t really bother me all that much. It’s just a sign of the times. As long as bands are paid for the downloads it’s cool.  Our songs are all available via social media and we set it up so we get the money from the purchases. Either way, their hearing our tunes.


Jason: As we were just discussing the Music Industry is nothing like it used to be and because of that a lot of bands are opting to just live off their catalog of music they already have, do live shows rather than release any new music. With that being said what motivates you and your band to continue to release new music?  Let me add that I have much more respect for bands who have decided to continue to release new music.

Jared: That’s the part of being in a band that appeals to us most. We enjoy the process of creating songs that we like and writing music that makes us happy.


Jason: How many albums has the band released to date?

Jared: We have one EP so far with three songs. We are working on a full length album now.


Jason: The band recently lost your Bassist: Jack Gibson who left the band to focus 100% of his time to working with Exodus. How surprised were you to learned that he had decided to leave Dawn Of Morgana?

Jared: It wasn’t too much of a surprise. Jack and I go way back and he is a good friend of mine. Exodus has been picking up momentum lately so I saw it coming.


Jason: I have to tell you Jared I really think you guys have a really, cool, original sounding name.  Could you share with us the story on how the band came to be named Dawn Of Morgana?

Jared: It comes from the birth of my daughter, Morgan.  “Morgana” is the welsh name for Morgan and “Dawn of” symbolizes her birth.


Jason: While I realize they’re two totally different animals when it comes to being in the recording studio vs. performing live do you prefer one over the other?

Jared: I actually prefer the studio. I can really focus on the precision of my parts and I enjoy the process.


Jason: In regards to Dawn Of Morgana I have to ask is everyone in the band involved with the songwriting process?

Jared: We all contribute something to the songs. However, I write the majority of the riffs. For the new album, Karl has written quite a bit and Aleen has a lot of input. Sarah writes the majority of the keys and orchestrations.


Jason: What’s the most memorable encounter you’ve ever had with a fan that stands out to you?

Jared: There’s been a lot but I think the orders we have started receiving from overseas in other country’s has been pretty motivating.


Jason: What would you say Jared is the greatest thing you’ve had the opportunity to experience that you might not have experienced had you not been in Dawn Of Morgana?

Jared: I have always been a brutal death metal guy and this band has allowed me to explore the more melodic side of metal which I would not have been able to achieve otherwise


Jason: How important is it for you to interact with your fans on-line?

Jared: Extremely important! The fans are the reason we have any success at all.


Jason: Has the band had the opportunity to tour much outside of your local Sacramento area?

Jared: Not yet. We traveled to LA for a show but that has been it.


Jason: What is currently going on with Dawn Of Morgana?

Jared: Writing, and working on getting the live set tighter.


Jason: In addition to Dawn Of Morgana, are you currently involved with any other bands/projects you’d like to let us know about?

Jared: Nothing significant. I have some death metal stuff on the back burner but it’s not ready yet.


Jason: Anything left that you’d like to say to all the Dawn Of Morgana fans out there?

Jared: That is for the interview and go check us out online!

Thanks again Jared for speaking with us here at Metal To Infinity!