Posted on March 11 th. 2020

Questionnaire by Officer Nice on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Hello, here Rico from the Metal To Infinity webzine. I have some questions for you, hope you’ll like them.

Officer Nice: Cellar Twins is a totally new band. Can you tell us more about the band and its history?

CT: Cellar Twins started out as a basement-shaking duo (hence the name) in 2014 and it became a quartet in late 2016. Since then we’ve released a first 5-track EP in 2017 and a full-length album, Duality, in December 2019. What we do has been qualified as “an enigmatic style of modern rock where light and darkness coexist” and we quite like this description.


Officer Nice: Who are the members of the band and should we know them from previous bands?

CT: The band is composed of Carl Kubinsky (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jeff Sternon (lead guitar, backing vocals), Elodie Vainqueur (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Francesco Damanti (drums). None of us took part in any major band prior to Cellar Twins, so we are brand new blood!


Officer Nice: What made you decide to start this band and how did you guys meet each other?

CT: Actually, Francesco and Jeff initially met as co-members of a soft French pop music band (can you believe that ?) but they wanted to go the heavy route. After rehearsing by themselves for a while, they started looking around for people sharing their musical interests, and thanks to notes posted at local supermarkets and on the internet, they found their beloved bass player and singer.

Officer Nice: You guys are talented. Are you guys schooled as well? Please tell us more about your love for music.

CT: Thanks a lot! Both Elodie and Francesco studied music, and Elodie even took it to the professional level and is an actual trumpet teacher. Jeff and Carl are mostly self-taught.

Regarding our love for music, we all love very different things (rock, metal, classical, electro, pop, pretty much everything), but we share a common interest for heavy music.


Officer Nice: You just released the “Duality” album. What can you tell us about it? How were the reviews until now?

CT: Duality is a deep and intense record that defines the Cellar Twins style. Our fans have been very pleased with the album and this was the crucial part for us. It took a lot of effort both on the writing side and on the musicianship side, and now we know it was worth it!

Most of the reviews were really good actually! Sometimes you get people that are upset because we don’t do screaming vocals, but that’s who we are, and for the most part people get that and enjoy our music a lot!

Officer Nice: How about the song writing? Who was responsible for it and how did you work together before going to the studio?

CT: Song writing usually starts with a (bunch of) guitar riff(s) that Jeff brings to the band, then we try and see how we can connect them together and make the whole thing sound great. Then Carl and Jeff work together on the lyrics and the vocals melody. We try to have everything completely ready before going to the studio. Studio time is expensive, so you don’t want to waste it.


Officer Nice: What’s the ultimate song on this album you would advise to any reader and why?

CT: This is definitely a hard question because each song has its own atmosphere and the album was created with that idea in mind from the very beginning. However, if we really had to pick one… that would probably be Millenium. It is heavy, intense, catchy, it’s got everything. You go from that classical intro to the catchy technical guitar part, then the verse has you floating around in a deep and groovy ambiance, and finally the chorus hits you like a ton of bricks. We love it!


Officer Nice: How about the time in studio? Any remarkable passages or histories you want to share?

CT: Probably the best part of our studio time, which was also the worst part, was that we had to record drums during the summer heat wave when it was 40°C outside. So now imagine all of us plus the sound engineer packed in a tiny control room with all the outboard gear and computers heating up the place even more… And no air conditioning of course! Great memories!


Officer Nice: What are the lyrics all about?

CT: Most lyrics are based around finding yourself in dark psychological situations but where glimpses of light can always be found. However, our lyrics are purposely vague so that anyone can relate in its own way and find a personal meaning.


Officer Nice: What can you tell our readers, musical wise, about the band? What were the sources of inspiration?

CT: As we said, we like very different stuff. Early Alter Bridge albums and Avenged Sevenfold have been a great influence on us, but we like many things. For example, we listen everything from softer bands like Radiohead and Smashing pumpkins to heavier ones like Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, Korn, etc. We also like hard rock stuff like Guns’n Roses and technical/prog stuff like Dream Theater and Periphery. A lot of things! We believe it is important to listen to numerous music genres to have a wide musical horizon, but we mainly do it because we like it.

Officer Nice: Did you read my review? Agrees or disagrees?

CT: Of course, we’ve read it! Since you’ve only said extremely positive things about us, we would like to humbly thank you. You had some really kind words and we are very happy that you enjoyed our music so much. This means a lot to us.


Officer Nice: Is this album only available on CD? Where can our readers purchase it anyway?

CT: If you like it the old-school way, we have CDs. If you want to keep things physical but want to be able to play the songs in your car, we have 4 Gb Cellar Twins flash drives with the album on it. And finally, if you want to go fully digital, you can get our songs on Spotify, iTunes, and basically all other streaming platforms. To get the physical stuff, you can either find it at one of our shows of or order it online through our Facebook page.


Officer Nice: How do you look to your local Metal scène? What is your place in this scène and what’s the goal?

CT: Regarding our place in the metal scene, we are in a very unique spot where we make heavy music, but not always super heavy, and with clean vocals. Think of it as a rock/metal hybrid. We bridge the gap between heavy and soft music. This is cool because it makes us stand out and people with both softer and harder tastes can enjoy it as well. We never really cared about not fitting into a typical mold. As long as it sounds good to us, then it’s good!

Regarding the way we look to our metal scene, it mostly depends on people’s expectations regarding our choice of vocals. Most people accept that we don’t do screaming and love it. Our goal is to spread the word and have Cellar Twins be heard beyond every frontier. You said we can make it anywhere, we work to make it happen!


Officer Nice: Any last words for our readers?

CT: Thanks a lot for reading our interview, you guys are now officially awesome! Check us out on YouTube and Facebook, and keep an eye out because new video material is coming soon! See you at the show !