Posted on March 25th. 2017

Questionnaire by Jason Houston on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Patrick Stone: First off, I would like to say thank you, Jason, so much for having us on METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM  to do an interview. We really appreciate it.

Q: Patrick I’d like to start off by asking where are you originally from and what was the Rock Scene like there when you were growing up?

PS: I was born in Los Gatos, Northern California. I grew up in Saratoga, a little town just over the hill from Santa Cruz. I was really into skateboarding growing up and listened to a lot of the music that surrounded the phenomenon. Agent Orange, The Beastie Boys, The Butthole Surfers and Black Flag. Los Gatos and San Jose had a few clubs where you could catch live music. The real venues were up in San Francisco, though. So, that’s where we go a lot of the time. The Warfield, The Omni and One Step Beyond showcased bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Testament and even the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Those bands seemed to be around a lot and the vibe around town reflected that.

My town, Saratoga, was covered in musicians. A lot of big homes and parents that would leave to go on big vacations, leaving us kids with these homes all to ourselves. We would rehearse and throw blowout parties where we played every chance we got. It seemed like the entire school and other schools showed up for every single one of them. Our bands would do a lot of OZZY, Metallica, Megadeth, Sabbath, Van Halen and Guns n’ Roses covers. Some of our own original material too. I was always in one or two bands at a time. I couldn’t get enough. There was definitely a party we played at almost every Friday and Saturday night. It was awesome. Out of control and awesome. Looking back it seems a lot like a dream. Just perfect. All the loud music, friends and pretty girls you could ever want.


Q: Who were the bands/Singers who influenced you when you were growing up that made you want to take a stab at being a Professional Musician yourself?

PS: OZZY was huge. Bon Scott. Axl Rose. Bands like Def Leppard, Metallica, Queen and above all Pink Floyd. I just wanted, so badly, to make people feel the way those groups and singers made me feel.


Q: For anyone out there who has never heard of your band BUDDERSIDE how would you describe the band’s overall sound?

Patrick Stone

PS: It’s like if the Beatles, Motorhead and Skrillex had a baby. Ha ha! We’ve got the hardest hitting Drummer in the business, Rich Sacco. An endorsement from Marshall amplification, keeping that Motörhead tone alive and in the family. The Stoneman is the smoothest player, layers of tasteful melody, aggressive attack and slaps that bass like it’s his girl’s ass! Our phantom, Big Swede, just puts that crazy DJ twist right in the sweet spot. Its hard to compare myself to others when it comes to my singing, but I will say I’ve studied with the best and have a lot to prove after replacing my heroes band after band.

Budderside is modern as can be, filled with synth-sonic-computer driven grooves tastefully placed within hard, heavy, rocking rhythms. Add 2, 3 and 4 part harmonies and you’ve got yourself a very original sound. Musically we can be very unpredictable. Heavy, raunchy grooves can quickly take a turn into something very soft and melodic. We’re not afraid to take risks. Our music can sometimes be like a roller coaster. I’ve always loved the way they go up, down twisting in and out.


Q: Could you please share with us the story of how you first met the other members of BUDDERSIDE and came to form the band?

PS: I met both Stoneman and Rich on the streets of Hollywood California. All three of us to moved there to “make it big”. We all had a mutual vision of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to be. We all got along so great and had so much fun together, but above all our love for the music we started writing together created an incredible bond. We would get together every day at one another’s apartments or in the studio. Anywhere we could. We would just keep writing and writing, recording and recording.That led to playing out and sharing the songs we’d written. We’ve been through a lot together. That’s what defines a “band”. We’re a family.


Q: I have to ask about the name BUDDERSIDE.  How did you come up with the band’s name?

PS: It was a fluke, really. The name just stuck with us since we came up with it. We tried coming up with more intimidating names, cooler names that had some meaning, but the name Budderside has taken on its own meaning to us and we hope that translates to the world. We had gotten together for our first jam, hit the record button and started playing, off-the-cuff, what is now known as “Genocide” (Our third single off of the debut album- click here for the official video). I was attempting to improvise and in doing so rhymed genocide with butter side.

When we listened back, we laughed. Rich asked me “what did you say, but her side?”… And I said “that’s the name of the band”. I think it’s really cool. What’s in a name anyway? What the hell does Kevin mean, right? Sounds kind a lame when you say for the first time, but eventually someone somewhere is going to fall in love with that person and Kevin is going to be music to their ears. Right? I mean, Lady Gaga, is an incredibly stupid name. But, she’s taken over the world. That silly name is Power, gold, royalty. Budderside can only be defined by our music. We all have a Budderside, what’s yours?


Q: How many albums has BUDDERSIDE  released to date?

PS: Just one. Our debut album was released last September 23, 2016 on Motorhead Music/UDR. It’s available in stores worldwide and here on Amazon (click here) and on iTunes (click here).


Q: How happy have you been with the way the fans have reacted to the band so far?

PS: Very grateful for all of the attention we’ve received. Having a network like we do and worldwide distribution has allowed us to reach people and places we’ve always dreamed of. We have interviews coming in from all over the world and it’s great to see them going up on the Internet, knowing that they’re being received in countries where we don’t even speak the language. As far as the reaction of the fans face to face, that’s the best of all. Whether we’re playing in front of 80,000 people at a festival or only 10 to 20 faces and a little pub, the reaction is always the same.

People go nuts. I feel like I have the crowd in the palm of my hand at times. For me, that’s what it’s all about, having them singing along, screaming back at you, raising their hands and waving when you do, or just banging their heads, dancing all the way through your set. Above all, that’s the payment. That’s what makes it worth it. Every single show we’ve ever played people flood toward us afterwards to tell us that, often, we are the best band that they have ever seen. The magazines here in LA don’t lie. Our buzz is building. We’ve been dying for a new rock ‘n’ roll band to come along.

We got tired of waiting, so we created it. It’s really not about record sales, like it used to be. It would be cool if I had as many dollar bills as we do views on YouTube. I’d be rich. Lol! But, this Summer we will tour with LA Guns in the US and you can bet your ass that playing night after night in front of hundreds and thousands of people will change our lives. We really hope to see our Fanbase go through the roof. You have to put people in front of you before they can become your fans so, we’re going to get out there and play, nonstop. We just played the Roxy and the Whisky here in LA over the past week. Fans were jumping on stage to get closer. This is the energy we want to share all over the world.


Q: BUDDERSIDE recently performed live in Anahim,CA. at the first annual Hall Of Heavy Metal Awards ceremony.  Talk a little bit about that event and how BUDDERSIDE got the opportunity to perform at that event?

PS: Our manager, Todd Singerman, works very closely with the people involved. Wendy Dio is a fundamental piece of that puzzle, as well. She suggested we play the show. We absolutely love Wendy. She is a true soldier for heavy metal and rock and roll. It really was a huge honor for us. Budderside has rubbed elbows and performed for a room full of legends on a few occasions, including Lemmy’s final birthday party. A lot of those same faces were at this gig. Eddie Trunk hosting, Frankie Banali, Rudy Sarzo, Randy Rhodes, all being inducted that night. Hearing their stories can never get old. Seeing them honored in person is very special. The highlight of the evening for me, of course was Lemmy, Dio and The Rainbow Bar and Grill’s induction. Very close to my heart and moving to watch Todd, Wendy and Mikkey Dee except the awards on their behalf’s.


Q: Another up and coming band that performed at that same event that night was a band called DIAMOND LANE.  I have to ask what did you think of their performance and if you had heard of them before getting the opportunity to see them perform that night at the event?

PS: Jarret Reis and I just bumped into each other at Rock n Roll Ralph’s (Hollywood Grocery Store) last week. Nicest guy. The band kills. Solid metal maniacs! Brandon’s vocals are searing hot and just melt your face right off. Tight! Never heard them before then. Definitely on the radar now.


Q: Ross The Boss, who many people know as the original Guitarist from MANOWAR and The Dictators also performed that night with his Ross The Bossband. I have to ask what you thought of their performance that night and if you’re at all a Ross The Boss Fan?

PS: I am now. Manowar has always demanded your respect. We are all really only voyeurs and stockers until we actually go out and watch a group live. Up until then we are all only partially fans. From a distance, you know?

You really grasp the depths of one’s talent when you’re face-to-face with them while they perform. I did just that with Ross that night. I was blown away. His tone was flawless. His riffs were infectious. Rhino lived up to its reputation. Marc Lopes was my favorite, just the king of screams. I consider myself a good singer, but I have no idea how he does it. Seriously, unbelievable.


Q: The Dio Diciples also performed that night  who are some of Ronnie James Dio’s band: Dio and some of his friends.  I have to ask Patrick were you at all a Ronnie James Dio fan at any point and what do you think of his former band mates decision to form the Dio Diciples s away to pay tribute to Ronnie and keep his music going?

PS: I am a huge Black Sabbath fan. I absolutely love them with Ozzy. I hate when bands have to replace their lead singer. It can often be very painful and offputting. But, Dio could not be denied, as a front man or a vocalist. I love different singers for different reasons. Lemmy will always be one of my favorites because his voice and style are so unique. OZZY, as well. But Dio, that voice, those lyrics, his presence. If you want to be a singer’s singer, he’s the man to study. His voice is the raw aggression of the devil wrapped in the wings of an angel. One of the greatest of all time.

I have mad respect for the Dio Disciples. Simon Wright is one of my favorite drummers. So freaking solid. Craig Goldy always takes you to the skies with that guitar and really goes out of his way for others. Joe Retta – just unreal!!! Always in awe of him. Oni just owns the stage… period. Björn Englan, beyond talented and cool to watch. Scott Warren fills the air with magic. Their crew and everyone in their camp, I hail. Tim “the ripper” Owens, I truly believe is an alien from another planet. He can sing King Diomond note for note. Not an easy thing to do. All of the guys do an incredible job of keeping Dio and his music alive.

Budderside and Dio Disciples were at the 2016 Wacken Open Air festival together. We watched from stage right as they performed. Just, awesome! That was the night they debuted the hologram of Dio. I stood right next to Wendy as it started. There we were with 80,000 fans standing behind us as she looked up at her husband’s ghost performing as if he were right there in front of us. It was so powerful to experience that. The Dio Disciples are carrying a bright,  burning torch that should never be extinguished.


Q: BUDDERSIDE had a great performance at The Hall Of Heavy Metal Patrick but I ask you what were your overall thoughts about the event thing and would you like to see such an event continue to take place once a year to honor  the Hard Rock/Metal acts out there that might not otherwise get the recognition that they should recognized for.

PS: Pat Gesualdo is doing a huge service for the heavy-metal-rock community. Yes, I completely support him and the event. I’m excited to see who they pick next year. I would love for them to add categories, including up-and-coming new metal artists to be awarded. Best singer and guitar player categories. I think given the chance it will catch on, grow and grow and grow. All of the music award shows have lost a huge following in us. That following is looking for a place to watch the musicians they love. Just because the world is shoveling a bunch of shit down your throat you don’t want to watch doesn’t mean you have to watch it and accept it as what is and where music is today.

It’s ridiculous that we have to dig through all of the processed tripe of today to get to the good stuff that lives underneath. There are a lot of good bands out there. New bands. Bands that have roots in the halls of heavy metal history. It would be nice to know there is someplace to watch what we like. As a community we need to stop trying to appease the people in control of the Grammys and all these other institutions and start our own. Let them do their thing and will do ours. I think the event should be televised, recorded and have its rightful place out there where people can get to it. Cable, Netflix, the works.


Q: Speaking of Metal being recognized Megadeth just a few weeks ago finally was rewarded with their very first Grammy Award…Good for them!  When they received their Grammy awards Grammy people accidently played a Metallica song than a Megadeth song.  My question is to you is what do you think about The Grammy’s making such a huge mistake?

PS: I think it’s ridiculous that a show on that level makes any mistakes. The people they hire to do these jobs should be top notch and on top of things. These people obviously have no respect for hard work. People being recognized and awarded hardly even play musical instruments anymore. Some bum just piecing together a bunch of files on the computer, then sending their “artist” out there to lip-synch the whole thing. No wonder the mic for James Hetfield was off. The sound guy was probably blown away that somebody would dare go out there and do it for real. At the same time I bet somebody got chewed out or even fired for those mistakes. It just sucks that it happened twice in one show and both times while honoring heavy metal. Metallica and Lady Gaga together was a huge opportunity for metal to reach millions and millions of new fans. That sound guy blew it for us!


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans Patrick?

PS: Please take a step deeper into our world and follow us on all platforms. “Likes” and “followers” make all the difference in the world these days and it means everything to us to connect with you.

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Q: What can fans expect from you and BUDDERSIDE for the rest of 2017?

PS: Well, we’re constantly writing for the next record. We play HOLLYWOOD like crazy. Come June, we set out with LA Guns for a summer tour of the United States. Lots of other exciting things in the works. Thank you!!!!