Posted on December 01th. 2019

Questionnaire by Officer Nice on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Hello, here Rico, a.k.a. Officer Nice from the Metal To Infinity webzine. I have some questions for you, hope you’ll enjoy them.


Officer Nice: Astralium is a new band in the Metal scène. So please, introduce us to the band, its history and the members.

Roberta: Hello Rico and a great hug to all the readers of Metal To Infinity. Astralium is a symphonic metal band from Italy that was born in 2014 by me and the bassman Giuseppe Pappalardo. After some years when we played some covers from metal bands, we needed to write our music. We have some influences in our music, orchestral soundtrack, power, prog and traditional heavy metal. Astralium are: me, Roberta Pappalardo on vocals, Giuseppe Pappalardo on bass, Emanuele Alessandro on guitars and Salvo Grasso on drums and male vocals.


Officer Nice: What are the musical experiences of the members? Are you guys musical trained?

Roberta: I studied piano, Jazz music and Jazz singing style in Italy for many years. When I was young I played different musical genres, from jazz to pop music and after some years I started to listening metal music and playing with some bands. Salvo studied piano and drums. He play the drums also in two bands, Hypersonic and Metatrone and he has released albums and played in some great festival around Europe. Giuseppe studied bass and guitar since he was young and he played in the past for many local bands in Italy. At last, Emanuele studied guitar with the virtuoso Italian guitarman Andrea Martongelli (Arthemis).


Officer Nice: What were the sources of inspiration when you started Astralium?

Roberta: Our sources of inspiration are our life experiences, fight against yourself, astral and fantasy world, dreams and inner journey. We like so much ancient tales and myths from the past and also a cinematic view.

Officer Nice: I know it is never the goal to label a band but we, as review writers, need to explain the readers how a band sound. In this case I wrote Astralium sounds to me as a Gothic Metal band. How would you describe Astralium?

Roberta: Well, we have some influences in our music and gothic atmosphere is inside of us. But about the style, we focused on symphonic and power metal with magniloquent and epic choirs and also cinematic soundtrack that we love so much, like Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Danny Elfman.


Officer Nice: Can you tell us more about the song writing of the new album. Who’s responsible for it and how do you guys work along? How was time in the studio anyway?

Roberta: About songwriting is very simple. Roberta, Giuseppe and Salvo take care of all the music and the arrangements. All the lyrics have been written by Roberta except “Seven Seas, Seven Winds” by Salvo. At last, Emanuele creates all the guitar and solo riffs in all the songs. We have spent so much time for the pre-production and mostly for the orchestral arrangements, but yes, we are absolutely satisfied.

Officer Nice: I suppose you read our review. What are your thoughts? Agrees and disagrees?

Roberta: Oh sure! We read the fantastic review and we thank you so much. We are very happy that you enjoyed our album. And yes, we agree with you when you wrote that our music is inspired by Symphony X and Nightwish. Obviously as written before, we have some influences from symphonic music to heavy and thrash metal.


Officer Nice: If we look to the history of Heavy Metal, I  general, there were ups and downs, also with several subgenres. I believe a new revival of this kind of music is ahead of us. What do you think?

Roberta: We hope so. Symphonic Metal needs to be reborn and not be cataloged in a negative way. Usually, symphonic metal style is a clone of Nightwish and Epica but it is not always so. We put in our music all our influences and background. We have different experiences and this particular mix from gothic/symphonic music that me and Giuseppe like so much to power/prog/heavy/thrash that Salvo and Emanuele like, works great.


Officer Nice: Italy has never been a big country if we talk about Metal, nevertheless there has always something about the bands from your country… something ‘classical’, something ‘baroque”… What can you tell us in regards to the present Italian Metal scène?

Roberta: Well, to be honest Italy has a great italian tradition like Rhapsody, Turilli and Lione, Lacuna Coil, Vision Divine, Labyrinth, Secret Sphere and more. About “classical” style yes, it’s inside of us. Italian classic music is more famous in the world, especially opera and classic musicians in general (Vivaldi, Paganini, Verdi). So, is our DNA.


Officer Nice: Is Astralium a live band or in other words, can we expect you on a tour?

Roberta: Yes, we are working in this way. Stay tuned for more infos.

Officer Nice: Do you guys follow the present Metal scène? What new albums would you advice… expect for Astralium…

Roberta: We recommend first of all the albums from Italian metal scenes, so Metatrone “Eucharismetal”, Ancestral “Master Of Fate”, Hypersonic “Existentia”, Hidden Lapse “Butterflies”. Then, all the Symphony X and Epica albums, Sirenia “Arcane Astral Aeons” and Darkwater “Human”. At last, we recommend “Land OF Eternal Dreams” of course.


Officer Nice: Any last words for our readers?

Roberta: If you like symphonic metal style with power and prog influences, epic cinematic soundtrack, “Land OF Eternal Dreams” is the album you need! Make it yours!

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