A Talk With GREG ‘Wags’ WAGNER (Vocals, Guitars, Songwriter, Producer)

Posted on January 24th. 2020

Questionnaire by Stefan on behalf of METAL TO INFINITY WEBZINE BELGIUM

Photo Credit by Sue Schlechty Chodera

I’d like to introduce to you a person who I’m sure deserves to be in the spotlight. Someone who lives for Metal music and can’t live without it. Through the years Greg ‘Wags’ Wagner  collaborated in multiple metal bands he will talk about later on this intie.  In addition to being a first class fretboard magician, he’s also known as vocalist, producer, engineer, songwriter,… . 

Wags’ life is totally dedicated to Metal music and I think this man should get a lot more attention and appreciation from the outside world. He’s an example for many others so I’m curious about his story. Let’s get straight to the point…

Stefan: Welcome here to MTI Greg. Where exactly are you from?

Wags: A small city below Canton, Ohio called New Philadelphia.


Stefan: How did you become attached to all that has to do with Metal music?

Wags: Well as a kid I grew up on Elvis, Fats Domino, etcetera. Until my classmate turned me onto Kiss’ “Destroyer” in the 4th. grade. I started getting into heavier Rock like BTO, Foreigner, Peter Frampton,… .Then I was introduced to Judas Priest’s “Hell Bent For Leather” and “British Steel” and that did it. METAL FOREVER!


Stefan: At what age did you start following this kind of music?

Wags: Around 10 years old I began my journey into music seriously as a listener.


Stefan: What was your very first band you joined as a guitarist?

Wags: Wreckage.


Stefan: From where the passion for playing the guitar. Who inspired you back then?

Wags: Chuck Berry, Paul Stanley, Joe Perry.


Stefan: You’re much more than just a guitarist, what else do you do?

Wags: I sing play bass, write, arrange songs and now do my own producing at my home studio called The Shredd Shedd.

Stefan: Do you mind give us a little background history on all the bands you’ve been involved with so far.

Wags: *1980/Wreckage  *1980-83 Zephyr  *1985-88 Public Outcry  *1988-91/2004-2009 H.A.T.E.  *2001-2010 Breaker  *2006-2009 Shatter Messiah  *1996-1998  *Archetype 2010-Current Wags Metal Inc.


Stefan: You’ve let me hear a lot of songs the other day that sound really good, U.S. Metal of the purest kind. Are you planning to release these songs ever on CD?

Wags: The goal is to start packaging another Wags Metal Inc. CD by Summer 2020. I’ll have to sort through tunes and figure out a formula for the next record. FYI: Dave Tudor from Cleveland, Ohio handles all bass duties for Wags Metal Inc.


Stefan: A couple of years ago you also made a song for “Metal To Infinity” that I liked very much ! You have it in your power to complete an attractive song after a short period of time. What’s the secret behind Greg?

Wags: I just seem to never run out of iIeas and can write a lot of tunes in A short time Span… Lol

Photo Credits by Charlie Frye

Stefan: I suppose you own your own recording studio, tell me about it.

Wags: Yes it’s nothing fancy. Very small footprint size but I have modern DAW and plenty of plug ins to record a decent record. Always working to get better with my mixes, I get tips from great players/producers so we keep working to get the best mix possible. I’ll upgrade a few things soon to enrich the quality of my mixes.


Stefan: How did you come up with the idea of taking on also the vocal lines in addition to so many other musical skills?

Wags: Just starting singing at an early age and there wasn’t any singers around when I was 12… lol. Started at a young age and then started guitar around that time and it felt natural to do both.

Stefan: What you do appeals to my imagination, you can handle anything and do it all with full dedication; and above all, all your precious works are pure metal related. I bow my head for this ! Do you get the appreciation you should be getting, is there an international recognition?

Wags: Not really I have been passed over by labels. I just keep writing and putting my tunes out. I’ll start a band camp site soon that will have my tunes on it and info about what I’m currently involved with I have a few vocal appearances coming up on some Metal records to be announced.


Photo Credits by Amy Watson

Stefan: If you had known many years ago what you know right now, what would you change?

Wags: No silly nite life partying would have been more dedicated when I was younger.


Stefan: What is your answer to the contemporary metal scene, are there certain bands or genres you prefer?

Wags: I’m really old school all the way.


Stefan: I was wondering, do you have any insight into the Belgian metal movement?

Wags: Nothing but people tell me it its rich in Metal but as how big no. Maybe you could send a few bands to check out?


Stefan: Besides your metal related pursuits, do you have a regular profession?

Wags: I play in a AC/DC tribute band Dirty Deeds Extreme USA and deliver pasteries at night when not touring.

Photo Credit by Dante Steel

Stefan: My questionnaire is gradually coming to an end brother, I would have liked to hear from you what the future looks like. What are the plans for the short and long term?

Wags: More Metal!!!!!!


Stefan: Then I just want to wish you all the best in your rich musical career. You may end this interview in your own words, thank you for your cooperation!

Wags: I wanna thank people like you for taking the time to help spread my music Sir;  SALUTE! And check out www.reverbnation.com/themetalmadman to get all my music. Thanks again Stefan YOU ROCK!!